Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The worlds most incredible tenor...

How does one describe the voice of the worlds most incredible tenor?
{Here are some adjectives I would use}

* Angelic*
* Gorgeous*
* Breathtaking*

*Spine tingling*

* Passionate*

* Moving*

* Dramatic* *Pure* *Dreamy* *Gifted**God given* *Inspiring* *Romantic* *Soothing* *Poetic*

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My mom was born in Italy, so I have a HUGE appreciation for Italian music. Please don't convince yourself that you can't enjoy Andrea simply because he speaks Italian! ;)

Just listen to this man's voice - he has a range no other singer can attain...

~*~ Here is just a tiny taste of Andrea - enjoy! ~*~

{Con te Partiro}

You may have heard 'Time to Say Goodbye' with Sarah Brightman.
(Andrea is an operatic and classical cross-over artist.)

Con te is essentially the Italian version of 'Time to Say Goodbye',
and is simply stunning, might I add.
Its truly one of my all time favorite songs!
Whoever composed this piece is a master!
(and of course Andrea is the only artist
who can sing it *correctly*, hehe)

{Dell' Amore Non Si Sa}

I'm not sure if anyone else will appreciate this song, but I really enjoy it - and I love the way this particular video was filmed!

{Andrea's story}

Just beautiful. And doesn't he seem like a sweetheart? Really, I think his blindness has kept him humble, unlike most celebrities - he just seems like the nicest, most genuine fellow. :)

~*~ Don't forget to check out my play list for more Andrea selections! ~*~


  1. If you didn't have Andrea's pictures on this post, I would think you were describing Michael Crawford's voice. All those adjectives were right up the line. :-P Hehehe.

    Aaaaanyway. I *loved* Con Te Partiro. Love singing fun! And the others are lovely, too. Great post...I enjoyed it tons!

    And I looooooove Italian songs. Italian is sooo much fun to listen to...and sing.

  2. I <3 Andrea Bocelli! And that's so cool that you're part Italian!

  3. My aunt referred me to Mr. Bocelli, as she loved his song "the Prayer" with Celine Dion. =) He DOES have an amazing vioce!! Thanks for sharing, Michaela!

    Your Sister in Him,

  4. Just wanted to let you know that your email is coming...the mini dress has been naughty today and so I've been occupied... ;-)

    Oh, and I answered your comment on my blog...

    Thinking of you!!!


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