Friday, July 30, 2010

Down the road less traveled...

There is nothing quite like a family car ride, whether its a long road trip or simply a spin down a country dirt lane. So many memories are made in the car... its a special treat when someone says, "lets take a little car ride!"

Close you're eyes...
Imagine a spindly highway lined with shady trees, perhaps making an arching tunnel to pass under. The windows are rolled down, and the sound of bird calls fill the morning air. It is a serene setting to spend quiet bonding time with a sister, a parent, or alone with God.

Or perhaps you are on a rollicking ride through a mountain range. The magnificent peaks rise to the heavens, dipping here and there, down, down, into valleys where the smoke wraps like wispy fingers around the oak trees.

Mmmm...I can just feel God's power in the wind against my face, feel my very breath swept away. Are you imagining with me? Someone turns up the radio, and a spunky Celtic fiddle hums along with the twisting road and adventurous scenery.

Maybe a sibling starts in a loud burst of
"This is the song that never ennnndds!"

...which need no further explanation. ^_^

Singing in the car is one of the most delightful "simple pleasures" I can think of. Silly tunes, Irish ballads, opera (falsetto, of course!)
- hymns of praise to the Lord.

Singing makes long rides shorter, hours slip by faster, and memories last forever.

Then there is that supremely-happy-spine-tingling feeling when the sound of your favorite artist's voice soars into the magic of the *perfect* scenery...
...or melts into a shimmering starlit sky.
(Andrea Bocelli anyone? Oooh yes. I think I know what my next blog post will be on...) hehe


"Two roads diverged in a wood, and I -
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference."
- Robert Frost


  1. Thanks, Michaela! I can already feel the wind in my hair... :) Oh no, did I bring a comb? *checks back pocket*

    "Driving without music is like a salad without the dressing - it's okay, but it could be better." ~B. Pieplow

    I'm imagining cruising SR44 on my way to Painesville, taking in the rural scenery and listening to Handel's Messiah, (and yes, I sing along!) or rolling through downtown Kent with Praetorius' Bouree cranked loud enough to make the yuppie on the sidewalk take off his sunglasses and wonder what went by...

    I'm reminded of a quote from Cars that goes something like: "Cars didn't drive [on Route 66] to MAKE good time, they drove [on it] to HAVE a good time."

  2. Soo true! I love listening to CDs and singing along with my siblings!

  3. You cannot have a drive without music. Turned up to near-unable to hear anything else. A good musical is best because the car is one of the only places you can really belt it out. ;-)

    And speaking of Andrea Bocelli...Time to Say Goodbye's been on the brain all day yesterday. ;-)


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