Saturday, August 28, 2010

Gazing out to sea...

It is a warm day, a nice break in the incredible heat of late August; a Sunday, and perfect for some family time out in God's wild, wonderful creation.

Lake Erie stretches for hundreds of miles, farther then the human eye can see.
Her greyish-green waves play with the gently rolling wind,
lapping at the rocky shore and catching the toes of laughing children.

In the distance a seagull hovers above the swells, calling in its loud commanding voice before dipping down towards the water where it floats with the ease of a professional surfer....

This is starting to remind me of some of my other posts. hehe

It sounds as though I have an obsession with...oh I don't know. Water? :P
But its just soooo fun to describe, and so easy to "splash" into prose...

Anna and I saw *the cutest* couple ever while wandering around Marblehead lighthouse. I wish I had the camera with me at the time so I could have snapped a picture! It was obvious they were newly-weds (by their sweet behavior towards each other - plus they were wearing rings, ) and well...we were a little enchanted.


Anyhow! Why am I saying all this? I got the idea for the pose in the picture above ^^ from that adorable couple. (And yes, I'm standing on the base of the lighthouse. It is 150 years old!)

Stunning Lake Erie. How can anyone look at a vast body of water and NOT see God and His power?

Gazing out to sea...

And there she is!! Marblehead in all her simple quaintness.

~ taken from the lighthouse ~

The ancient (and steep!) staircase winding up, up, up to the top of the lighthouse...there were about 72 steps! Ooh, a little creepy at the top - I didn't think we'd be *that* high! But I did get some lovely pictures of the lake, and the view was breathtaking!

Maria, Julia, and Lidia havin' fun on the rocks...

~ taken from the lighthouse ~
No caption needed?

Beautiful Anna!

Isn't this the cutest picture???

And there you have it!

Hope you enjoyed the pictorial tour of our little "vacation" at the lake...


  1. lol,sorry!!!
    "Uno Farmgirl Semplice."

    There you go. : )

    A Simple farmgirl in Italian! And......

    L'ultima rosa di Summer

    Can you guess what that is???
    The Last Rose Of Summer in Italian! ; )

  2. Hmm...thats different from what I got! lol,looks better too! : ) I think were having to much fun with this translater! ; ) But hey,to much fun can be fun! : D


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