Sunday, August 29, 2010

Favorite Broadway Musicals!

In honor of my friend Alexandra @ Of Trims and Frills and Furbelows (one of my all time favorite blogs EVER, might I add,) I am finally writing this post...which I ago. ;) For some reason I got caught up in other things and never got to actually POSTING this post...but I'll just go into my handy-dandy settings and edit the date. ;)

These are my three all time favorite musicals (at least so far. ) Sometimes I wonder what my world like before I discovered the magic of Broadway?? o.O

No, I am not including The Phantom of the Opera
(don't be mad at me Ally!)
mostly because I feel it has "issues." Major ones. :P
However I *do* enjoy a couple of the songs, though I can't endorse the play. :'(

What? Your asking - Les Miserables has "issues!" Yes it does...and I carefully guard myself against certain scenes/songs. :D

A family classic! I was *thrilled* to be able to see one of my all-time favorite stories preformed on stage this past June when the Broadway production came to Cleveland! o.O It was spectacular, minus the fellow who played Tevye. But I won't talk about *that* here. :P hehe

My mom always jokes that our family "is" Fiddler On The Roof . Having been born in Italy she came from an extremely tradition-based background, which she rejected after excepting Jesus as her Savior. Her parents, particularly my Nonna (grandmother) are still wrapped in Tradition. Its just part of the "old way."

And on top of it all...we are a family of 5 girls. ^_^

Les Miserables. The name itself evokes SO much.
(no, these are not in order...
Les Miz should have come before Fiddler.)
Where to start? Is there *possibly* any way to even begin to describe this incredible masterpiece? I think not.

Salvation, forgiveness, love, tragedy, heroism.
Breathtaking music and song...Les Miz has it all, and more.

I'll stop now before I write a whole book on the topic.
But I *must* say -
I am firmly convinced that Colm Wilkinson is the ONLY Valjean in the world. Period.

Yikes I can hardly wait for the 25th anniversary concert! o.O Hopefully I'll be able to watch it online somewhere...if anyone hears anything, lemme know!

Mary Poppins. No its not as corny as it sounds. ;) I was introduced to this amazing musical through a friend. After watching the movie way too many times when I was younger (due to my sister Maria's obsession as a baby,) I never imagined I could really appreciate the music, though deep in my heart I adored it. :-/ Hm.
Anyhow...the stage soundtack is obviously different, and I really love it! Anna (my sister) found a video clip of "Step in Time" complete with dozens of tap dancers. Pretty impressive. :D all my mutual Broadway fans out there - which musical/s are your favorite?
(Hope your satisfied Ally. :P :P )


  1. Hey!!! Loved the post!

    And believe me, Phantom has issues, too, I agree. ;-/ I will *not* argue with you there! ;-) But the play's issues PALE in comparison with the film's...BLECH. But you know all about my views on that! Anyway.

    Let's see...besides Les Miz and POTO...I love My Fair Lady, The Sound of Music, West Side Story, The King and I, Beauty and the Beast (like you said, not as corny as it sounds ;-)), um, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, A Tale of Two Cities, Hello, Dolly!, The Music Man...the list goes on. I've been Broadwayized a bit longer, I think... ;-P

    And I love Mary Poppins (the film and the play), although I'm not quite sold on the leading lady, as I'm *so* fond of's hard! ;-)

    Have you seen Chitty Chitty Bang Bang? I just found out they "Broadwayized" it a few years back and Michael Ball was Caracatus Potts. As much as I love Dick Van Dyke, it was really cool hearing MB singing those songs, especially "Hushabye Mountain".

    Anyway. LOVED the post!!!! And thanks so much for the compliment on the blog! ;-) I love yours, too (and not just saying it because you said it ;-P)!

  2. did you see fiddler with harvey fierstien (sp?)...because I did...and thought he was :)

  3. oh goodness yes! AWFUL! haha...I thought he was sick the whole play. then got home and looked him up on youtube...and apparently he ALWAYS sounds like that.

    during the play I whispered to my friend he sounded like the short, stubby guy from mulan. turns out he WAS the voice for him! crazy.

    haha. yaaa...doesn't even compare to topol.


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