Friday, November 29, 2013

"mid pleasures and palaces. . .

 . . .though we may roam, be it ever so humble there's no place like home."

Hello hello beautiful blogger family! :) WHEW, Michaela is still alive and kickn'! Yes it's been awhile, but as always you amazing people are patient and I love you for that. ;) Happy day-late Thanksgiving. I am back from California after spending FIVE (yes, over a month,) weeks surrounded by palm trees, sea breezes, and, well, enough awesomeness to make me jealous of myself.  THAT good. B) Getting back into the groove at home has been interesting. For one, the weather is very different (though, surprise surprise, Cali DOES have it's autumn,) and I no longer have an apartment to myself all day. Yeah. I've learned the joys and trials of being independent. For those of you who may not know, I visited my uncle, and since he works, spent the majority of my time alone. I was homesick at first, naturally. After awhile I got into the routine of getting up to total quiet, making coffee at my leisure, deep cleaning or biking when I felt like it, and window shopping in the adorable village (within walking distance,) nearly every day. And I learned to enjoy the, er, loneliness. It gives one ample time to reflect and grow. :) The entire trip was truly an experience I'll never forget--a chance to really stretch my faith,  refocus, reevaluate, and draw closer to Jesus. :)

// discoveries //
  • one never gets too old for bouncy houses.
  • one can turn 16 twice. wearing an elephant balloon hat while being serenaded by drums. just don't ask, ok? ;)
  • metal chopsticks are slippery. . .and humbling.
  • girlhood dreams (San Diego Zoo--bucket list item!) CAN come true.
  • never underestimate Disneyland on a Saturday. Anyone with any knowledge of that PLACE should forbid small, unsuspecting girls in maxi skirts and backpacks from visiting alone. ride lines are anywhere from 60-90 minutes long, and while I love people. . .there were just so.many.
  • skyping with sisters means lots of giggling and strange faces.
  • chihuahuas are rather nice little rats--I mean, dogs.
  • even non-athletic people can bike up to 18 miles a day.
  • there is nothing in the world like a fresh, piping hot, buttery tortilla bought from a roadside stand.
  • the beach on a brisk, overcast day is a thing of romance.
  • pelicans are really dear, chubby, waddling old men.
  • there IS such thing as too much coffee.
  • you can never be too friendly on an airline flight. You never know if that grumpy old lady sharing your seat may need a smile in her life.
  • jaywalking in California is a crime. 
  • one is at high risk of falling in love with macaroons.   
  • sometimes, when homesickness sets in, you are surprised with a care package and a fuzzy pink gorilla named Cali. 
  • not everyone has delivered coffee to restaurants in Studio City.
  • i adore Mexican pottery.
  • my mom and i can facebook chat entirely in stickers.
  • there are no words expressible for the weirdness of Venice Beach. 
  • the cure-all for boredom: (1. buy uncle betta fish. (2. name him Freddo. (3. talk to him on a daily basis.
  • there is an art to crossing streets.  
  • sometimes you just need a cappuccino topped with chocolate-Eiffel-tower-coffee-art.
  • "diet" is an non-existent word in the vocabulary of vacation.  
  • Jane Eyre. . .is not my favorite novel. yes, i said that.
  • There is a mission field right here in America.
  • Nectar is my newest favorite clothing store. Ladies, if you are looking for basic tee shirts that fit PERFECTLY, look no further. 
  • Celtic music sounds "pirate-y" to untrained ears.
  • Anna's camera hates me.

// on the home front //

  • after almost seven years, this gal is no longer a nanny. ready to scout fresh horizons! please pray with me as i discover God's new plan for my life.
  • i have a new appreciation for the slower, more laid-back pace of the Midwest.
  • nothing soothes a cozy, in-the-house mood like a wintery-white world.
  • current obsession: clean eating. 'The Makers Diet' is highly recomended! 
  • countless youtube tutorial's later, i have successfully learned to use hot rollers.
  • the greatest sacrifice in life. . .is giving up coffee. try not to read that more than once.
  • have began a regular exercise/workout routine. Anyone else do Pilates? But then, I'm slightly addicted to the good old 80's-style workout videos with Jan Fonda. stop laughing.
  • i think i lost most of my tan. #wailinganggnashingofteeth
  • it's possible to give an unknown future to a known God.

"Life is too deep for words, so don't try to describe it, just live it." 

Pictures forthcoming. But in the meantime, lets catch up! Leave a comment telling me what you've been up to, what God has taught you, and what plans you have for 2014. :)


  1. I was hoping you'd write about California. =) Sounds like you had a wonderful time in a wonderful place. I think I need to go there someday!

    I think I'll be happy to see 2013 gone, but then again, 2014 is just a huge question mark right now. I have so many areas that need work, so many dreams I hope are fulfilled, so many things I want to do, but can't do right now. God is good and He's taught me a lot this year. Learning that life is so much bigger than the everyday stuff, learning that all I want to do is serve Him somehow, in someway (but not sure what that is yet). There is a lot I hope will change in 2014, we'll see where God takes me. =)

    Hope you're enjoying your FB break. I miss you and our chats, though. Too bad they can't be in person over salads and smoothies. ;)

  2. I absolutely loved reading this. :) God bless!

    ♥ Aspirer

  3. So good to hear from you again :) I'm glad you had a good trip, (I was praying for you!). I've never been from home more than 2 days.
    2014 looks like trying to make it through junior high. No! I meant my junior year in high school ;) We'll see! I have a feeling it's going to be a year if learning to trust God as my dad (our pastor) deals with some stuff in the church. What did you tell people who they asked what you were going to do after high school? Just wondering :)
    And isn't it horrible when people call THK pirates? My dad does that :(
    Your posts brighten my day :)
    xxx madison

  4. Sounds like an awesome trip, glad you enjoyed yourself so much. We've traveled to the San Diego area, very nice. Would imagine their weather right now is alot nicer then ours here in Ohio. Happy to have you join us at Bridge and Beyond and look forward to seeing pictures of your trip.

  5. Good read, Mich. :-)

    I'm in the process of moving with my parents from a big-ish house to an apartment. Right now, I take life like it is and try to enjoy my time with my mom and be there for her. I'm afraid of the new year and don't have a plan for myself, but Jesus is already there...on both counts.

    I'm glad you enjoyed your trip and good luck on your new horizons. :-)


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