Friday, February 22, 2013

My mamma's bloggin! {again}

Quick post to fill in the I'm-really-behind gap and invite you to read my mom's all new, fresh, very inspiring, girl-centered (though I know young gentleman can glean from it too,) blog: Paper Mache. A blog straight from the heart of a mom of five daughters, (how on earth my parents are still sane I have no idea ;) ) wife, and Keeper at Home . . .an inside, practical look into the female mind. How to treat our brothers in Christ. How to better ourselves for the Kingdom. How to follow our dads and trust his lead. And most importantly. . .how to make Jesus the center of all we say, do, and think.
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So please, do yourself a favor and follow--leave a comment. . .or two. . .or three. . .and be encouraged! My mom is an Italian citizen, avid knitter, frozen yogurt lover, coffeeholic, strong Christian, and all around most amazing woman on planet earth. Not biased at all there. ;) She has some excellent advice, and well, she's also pretty fun.

Enjoy, all you crazy people, and hang tight--I have posts (plural. notice that) in the works. Shocking as that may be.


  1. I am so encourage by your mom's blog. She has some great posts on there.

  2. aw, i love your mom's blog! :) i found it a few days ago, and started following. i actually started following her Pinterest--like the first ones, I ever followed, and then i made the connection. "FERRAR! OH MY!" ;D haha. but seriously. :) so glad she started a blog (or started blogging again). i have enjoyed reading it lately. :) your mom is a wonderful (and wonderfully blessed! look at all those lovely + smart girls. ;)) woman. :)


  3. I was at your mom's blog a few days ago and found it incredibly encouraging -both as a daughter and as a big sister to three sisters.

  4. I have enjoyed your mom's blog immensely! Here blunt, practical and Biblical post have has been very insightful and encouraging (you are truly blessed with a wonderful mother!!). :) Also just having a place for civil and down-to-earth discussion with fellow youths on topics that are not usually talked about is quite refreshing. :)


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