Thursday, December 27, 2012

What I'm Wearin' // quaintrelle

i'm just a little in like with this absolutely adorable peasant-style top my mom picked up for me at Clothes Mentor. though i haven't actually been there myself, they sell all sorts of name-brand clothing at very reasonable prices. (i'm thinking The Loft. oh yes i am. B) ) you have to applaud resale shops for that! if this shirt is any consolation, i am totally shopping at Clothes Mentor from now on. i love the romantic, flowing lines of this shirt--it lays so beautifully, without the balloon-ish flaws of  most peasant tops. the color of course is perfect. and the collar with its drooping bow at the shoulder. it's like it's has been sitting at Clothes Mentor all this time, waiting for me to wear it and love it.


pairing the different shades of pink was a surprise; i tried on the shirt for my family and happened to be wearing my boyfriend Halftee. it adds an artsy "pop" that i really like.

 of course the fun part of this photo-shoot was the short sleeves and snow. plus one must take advantage of one's aspiring-photographer sister and her sudden urge to practice. . .it's been way too long since i've done an outfit post.


you may remember me mentioning this skirt here. it was a last minute nightmare project, but i'm pleased with the results. i've been wanting another maxi for awhile now, and my favorite, favorite skirt  pattern is Marie Madeleine Studio's Route 66. (actually, i've worn my Route 66 jean skirt so much it has a hole. :tear:) anyhow, i'm really excited to style this skirt throughout the winter months--it's comfy and classic.


rose peasant top with bow: Clothes Mentor [Elle] $7
 baby pink boyfriend Halftee: Halftee
black corduroy maxi skirt: made by me
black leather boots: Payless
layered necklace: Charming Charlie
sterling silver and pearl flower earrings: gift 


  1. Very pretty! Its not fair you have so much snow! I haven't even seen any in two winters but I guess that's how it goes in Tennessee.

  2. Lovely. The white snow makes the pink pop. And I had to laugh when you mentioned the short-sleeves in the snow because as soon as I saw that first picture I was thinking, "Wow, poor girl has to be COLD!" I guess that's what comes from being a big sister for thirteen years. Ha!

  3. your outfit is SO beautiful, girl! i *love* that shirt, and the colors are so gorgeous. {it looks a little cold, though. ;) hehe.

    you are are so gorgeous, by the way. just thought I'd mention it. ;)


    {oh, and I'll be answering your message soon... sorry it's taken me so long. :/}

  4. Oh.... what a LOVELY outfit! That top is just beautiful. My only question is... wasn't it cold, taking those photos in the snow?!

  5. You are very beautiful, Michaela. The peasant top is very becoming on you! The pink is such a lovely shade.
    Happy Holidays!

  6. What a lovely outfit!!! I adore every bit of it! You are absolutely beautiful too!

    We have quite a bit of snow here too! So gorgeous!

    Have a blessed day!

  7. Your outfit is so pretty, and the pictures are beyond lovely! :D Love it!

  8. Very beautiful, Michaela! Love the pictures in the snow.

  9. So cute! ;) We have a shop like that near us called Plato's Closet. It's just amazingness and makes me really happy. The thrift stores tend to be dusty and old, but this place never is. Snazzy. <3

    Happy New Year, dear!

  10. You're so adorably photogenic, dear. Lovely outfit, per your usual. :) The pink looks splendid on you! I confess I'm a bit envious of the snow, though — I'll consider myself blessed if we get so much as a dusting down here in the South. :P

    Much love,
    Elizabeth Rose

  11. The top is beautiful on you! These pictures are lovely! :)

  12. Love Clothes Mentor! Though, I can almost never find any clothes for myself, but their jewelry, shoes and accessories are awesome. I tend to do Salvation Army for clothes. We have a huge one here in Canton and I love it!


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