Monday, November 5, 2012


Facebook, the last couple of weeks: 

  • Oct. 18th: It's a full of joy kinda day. ♥ Good memories, happy to be home, finally settling into a regular schedule, (I mean, I got up at 2:00 PM yesterday!--I'm considering today's 11:30 AM a bit better, :P ) drank my coffee, and just loving everything and everyone. Happy Thursday!

  • Oct. 19thSung to the tune of "To Life" from Fiddler on the Roof: (made up while Anna and I were drinking. . .hot chocolate. Tonight.)

    "Tonight! Tonight! Hot chocolate! 
    Hot chocolate, hot chocolate, Tonight! 
    May all your futures be pleasant ones
    Not like our present ones
    Drink, hot chocolate tonight!"

  • Oct. 19th"For Halloween I'm gonna be Obama and take all the candy the kids trick-or-treated for and give it to the kids who didn't trick-or-treat." (found on Google+)

  • Oct. 20th: Chatting with my mom as she sits 5 feet away. And missing my Beyond the Mask friends. Coming quickly San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival!! (because I'm counting on you all being there. B) )

{though i was only with them 9 days, i really miss these people! photo via

  • Oct. 23rd: As much as I adore ducks, I mean, REALLY adore ducks. . .there is something about duck hunting that just seems *fun*. I know, sounds dreadful, but the whole fallish, hiding behind cattails, side by side with a faithful old hound idea. . .is romantic. Maybe I should stop looking at pictures of hunting dogs.

  • Oct. 25th:  Good Thursday, FB ppls!--couple announcements:

    Happy (late--it was yesterday,) 25th Anniversary to the two most inspirational people in my life--my mom and dad! {Patrizia & Dave} I love you, so, so much. ♥ ♥

    Oh, and Lidia got a new kitten. We still don't know her name. ;) Somehow having another furry friend in the house makes me miss Nick dreadfully. . .but I'm really happy for Lidia. Her little gal is such a laid back, precious baby! (not apologizing to all the cat-haters out there. :P )

  • Oct. 27th: You know you've eaten too many sweet potato fries when the full pan is now only half full. (this is why I should be never left alone cooking.) Hey, I deserved it after FINALLY figuring out the opening of Forbidden Friendship. My piano and I are happy. Oh, and I found my missing fuzzy pink sock. . .In case you were wondering. Total necessity on brisk autumn days.
{fellow pianists: you understand this ;) }

  • Oct. 29th: O God, my heart is fixed; I will sing and give praise, even with my glory. Awake, psaltery and harp: I myself will awake early. I will praise thee, O LORD, among the people: and I will sing praises unto thee among the nations. For thy mercy is great above the heavens: and thy truth reacheth unto the clouds. Psalm 108 1-4

  • Oct. 31st: 
          I vowed never to sew again. 
          And I'm nearly half-way finished with a new Regency gown. 
          In purple Shantung. 
          That will have lacing up the back and a pleated skirt.
          It's the first time in my sewing-history that I haven't cried through a project. 
          God is good.
          All the experience, (ie, two years of crying and seam-ripping,) has been worth it.

          Thanks, Beyond the Mask        
  • Nov. 2nd: Home alone with the cat, apple tea, cheesy bread (yes, I know, great combo,) and Adventures in Odyssey.

  • Nov. 2nd: 'You Can't Take It With You'. Now officially on my favorite movies list. ♥

  • Nov. 4th: A piece of heaven. Also known as a fresh Cannoli from the local Italian bakery

{photo by me}

  • Nov. 5th: Spent the entire day cleaning while most of the family was out. . .keeping everyone at home in line and making sure they didn't spend too much time on the computer. Or at least, once they were OFF the computer, making sure they put the stool away and closed the cabinet. Michaela has spoken. This is MY house today. Squeaky clean, laundry done, candles lit = happy me.

On a different note, I am now a very-excited affiliate for eShakti! I'll be getting a button up soon in my sidebar (for some reason I cannot get Photobucket to cooperate,) so in the meantime:
You can see my eShakti-centered posts and reviews HERE. Enjoy, and lemme know what you pick! :) Also, as promised, I will be "unleashing" (gotta love that, ;) ) my 300 follower giveaway at the end of this month. I only need 10 more followers, ppls! That isn't asking for too much, right? Please and thank you. 


  1. This. THIS. Loved it. Each and every word. Plus, "You Can't Take It With You" equals one of the best movies evah. ;) Yes. I've missed your posts, girl! {And your emails... but I know you've been busy.} Sewing, food, pictures, music, candles, yes. ♥

    Yup. :)


    1. Awww. . .I miss you too, Mikailah. An email is coming your way soonishly.

  2. Eeeeeep. Missed reading your randomness posts! I love these! The shantung Regency dress sounds gorrrrrrgeous. Is it for a ball? Or just for fun? Do please post pictures if you take any!

    1. haha, thanks, Amy! I wear random well. :P The Regency dress is for a Christmas ball in my area. It's royal purple and much nicer than my first Regency dress. :P *ahem* We just won't talk about the seam up the back (of my first attempt.) Hey, it's wearable. ;) However I'm a lot happier with the way this new dress is turning out.

  3. So nice to read one of your posts! Now I'm gonna be singing the words of "To Life" wrong forever... good new lyrics though!!! :-)
    I haven't seen "You Can't Take It With You"... now I must add it to my list of films to see.

    Hope you have a loverly week!

  4. Love that movie.... "you cant tae it with you." is totally a must. A new movie I watched is "Holiday inn." its in black and white cute and funny. :)

    1. Ooh, I'll have to check that one out! My family is on a total vintage film kick.

  5. Two things.

    1. Fresh cannoli are THE BEST.

    2. You know I will have "To Life" stuck in my head alllllllll night now. ;)

    ~ Flop

  6. I know the Burns ! we have been friends for 15 years! I was in their sisters wedding. Nikola my sister helped do costume and building designs. Thanks for the pictures. Do come over. Did you meet Meghan Head? The Burns live a half hour from us. We were in Pendragon. Do come over to my blog!

    1. What, what? Obviously you mean the "Southern" Burns (Peter, Sara, and the lot.) Toooo neato, and small world! I don't think I met Nikola (we were there the last week of costuming,) but I became very good friends with Meghan (we lived at Marilyn's home for 9 days). She is just the sweetest thing ever. :) I'll be sure to visit and follow your blog!

  7. Michaela! This is the nice young lady I was telli g you about that visited my blog & left me a note. :) a small world!

  8. Thanks and yes i was talking about the Burns in Il! Actually my sister and brother went to Mi last October but we had no chance to go there again! were you in the movie?

    1. Yes, I was an extra in the Ball scene. Most incredible experience of my life!--the crew is just amazing. Really excited to see where the Lord takes this movie.

    2. Hello Michaela: I am ''Savories of Life'' sister. (One of them. :) )
      Although the ''southern Burnses'' are our close friends, we have also been blessed to get to know the ''northern Burnses''! That family is AMAZING! God has done great things with them.
      Actually, our other sister Nikola, who designed many of the costumes including all the Ball costumes, worked long-distance with Marilyn, via email and Skype. But yes, she and our brother did go up to MI last October.
      Yes, Meg is one of our close friends too. :) We feel like she's our representative up there! We were longing to help in person with the movie...but that was not possible.
      That is splendid that you got to be in the Ball scene! I can't wait to see it. What costume did you wear?

    3. Hello sister of Savories of Life! ;) Nice to meet you. And thanks for following. :)

      That is so awesome! I agree 100%--the Lord is using all the Burns in such a big way. I'm really, really excited to work on future projects with them!

      Very neat about your sister. All of the ball costumes were gorgeous; I particularly loved the gypsy costumes (worn by Aaron and Andrea.) They looked positively stunning!

      I made my own costume, actually. Do you know Gabe Everson? My sister and I are good friends of Gabes--he was the one that introduced us to Beyond the Mask, actually. But anyway. We stayed at his home for nearly two weeks sewing with the costume team there. It was an amazing experience! (as was working with Marilyn's team.) I'm hooked on the Christian movie industry now. B)


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