Saturday, September 22, 2012

Dear. . .

A cozy day deserves a cozy post. Join--or ignore--me as I revel in candied caramel candles, (in Julia's words, the house smells like breakfast,) the promise of a toasty evening eating pudding and watching 'Life with Father', mugfuls of fallish-concoctions (coffee related,) mustard accents (slightly obsessed with my new flats,) and well--have you figured out my family REALLY makes an occasion out of things? ;)

Autumn, welcome home.

{photo by me}

dear "Spunkin"--yes, most folks know you as Starbucks Spiced Pumpkin Latte. But you hadn't met this very-blonde gal until yesterday, and somehow your lovely name was confused in her vocabulary. Thus "Spunkin" was born. . .and I dare say you will never be Spiced Pumpkin Latte to her again.

Lets put it all this way--rabid Starbucks boycott-er as I am. . .this drink is GOOD. Pounds of sugar, pumpkin spice and whipped cream will do that to burnt coffee. It just screams fall. And made me perfectly happy.

dear John Rhys-Davies--I still haven't comprehended that you are actually. . .actually. . .actually IN Beyond the Mask. o.O  Which means


Someone pick me up off the floor. (and come quickly, October!)

dear Ohio Summer Rendezvous--Thank you for cooperating--no, thank the Lord for unfrazzling my nerves, setting everything straight, smoothing out the details. . .and making this OSR the best ever. Truly. I've been coordinating this event for three years now (with help from the best crew in the world!) and for the first time ever--seriously--I felt totally in control and at peace. It was completely beautiful, completely touched by God. . .something I can hardly explain!

{photo by Brandon Pieplow}

I'm having withdrawals.

dear Cameron Macintosh--Gotta say, no matter my usual judgment of you. . .I think this Christmas will see a history-making, world illuminating, life changing. . .totally Yours Truly approved movie. Still skeptical of the cast. . .and if it's anything like the play (which by the looks of things it is,) the rating will be very adult. o.O HOWEVER this video gave me the same in-the-throat, distinctly Les Miz emotion I had at the play two years ago. (um. . .I'm a VERY passionate person. ;) ) Behold all:

dear yesterday's devotion--Thank you for reminding me that I CAN please God! Life is all about pleasing Him, however He also delights IN ME. It's funny how simple truths can suddenly bear new light. Praise the Lord for his Promises!--popularity and recognition may "feel good" but HE delights in those who follow and obey Him. 

dear Sherlock Holmes--You are perfect for cozy fall days (Spunkin in hand. A fire wouldn't be bad either. . .) We've already had our first long chat. . .it was quite--eventful. To say the least. And I'm fascinated. Looking forward to more meetings in 'The Complete Sherlock Holmes'. 

dear date with dad tomorrow--Fall day on the Square? Hmm. I'll rate the world a happy place. 

dear Hobbit Day--I'm a bit of a LOTR's nerd, even though I haven't seen the movies. (k, don't judge, I finally saw Narnia. . .and read the books. . .and I'll be taking The Hobbit out of the library soon.) But anywho--this song--did you know there's a musical?--is my latest obsession. Because all things hobbity are warm and yummy. And I'm acting like a silly fangirl. So I shall stop right now. :P 

{more than I'd like to admit. . . :P via}

dear person reading this post--Please, follow my blog. I mean, I sort of need to reach 300 followers by October  if I am to unleash The Huge (or at least, very grand, ;) ) giveaway. Do us both the favor. 

{random, yes, but I **have** to share some of the latest photos from Beyond the Mask! A little hyped? via}

dear posts that need posting--I'm getting there. See, I have a life (or at least I pretend,) and well, things get busy. But, dear posts that need posting, I have not forgotten you. The minute life slows down (that DOES happen, right?) you shall be written and grace the pages of my blog.  

dear life--No, no need to remind me again. I should get off the computer. What? My gown for Beyond the Mask? But I don't want--ok, fine. I'll pleat the skirt. Give me a minute, I'm trying to log off! Sheesh. Huh, what's that? Oh. Yeah, your right. Life never stops. . .I'm convinced. 


  1. Very cute post! And I am excited about the Les Mis movie, but in November I am going to Chicago to see the touring version with some friends! I am sooo looking forward to it! Sarah {}

  2. Great post! So fun to read! I must say... I'm suffering from a little she-gets-to-meet-John-Rhys-Davies-and-I-don't?! envy right now... he's such an incredible actor and I've admired him for a long time. I actually grew up going to church with the cousins (I think they are cousins at least... I know they are related) of the Burns family doing the movie you'll be in! If you own their first film and have watched the deleted scenes, the guy who gives the speech while they're all in the big hall grew up with me... and one of the soldiers riding alongside the lead guy in a couple scenes in the actual film was the photographer at my wedding!

    I am looking forward to the Les Mis film... skeptically, yes... but full of hope as well! :-) I'll be going to see the opera later this fall in Chicago... can't wait!!!

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!
    God bless!

  3. I love coffee.
    And pumpkin.
    But never together.
    Until today when I saw this post.
    And now I want a Spunkin.
    And I think I'll make one.

    The End.

  4. My sister Catherine and I are counting the days till the Les Mis movie, and even though my mom and I have entertained doubts as to casting choices, that behind-the-scenes trailer that came out this week seems to have dispelled most of them. Yes, it'll probably be adult rated...sadly. But if you're going to do it, you might as well do it well and realisitically. And unfortuantely the commoners' life of 1800s in France *was* that sad and dark and raw. So even though I wish it wasn't going to be that way in the film...I understand.

    I'm so excited that you get to meet our dear Gimli! :) And I'll look forward to seeing you in the movie - watching for your sweet little self in the dance scene :D Beyond the Mask is going to be AMAZING.

    Wish I could've made it to OSR! :( It looked wonderful, as usual. Next time. But hopefully we'll meet up before then, a year is a relatively long time :)

    Yay for Spunkin!


  5. Lizzy and I have been super excited about Les Miz as well, though we're debating whether we'll actually go see it in theaters (as opposed to waiting for the DVD to come out, and skipping of the necessary parts). But either way, I was tingling at my fingertips when I saw the extended preview. So excited!

    Pumpkin spice-er, excuse me, Spunkin-lattes are amazing. Especially when being sipped while having a shopping trip with Momma. But do me a favor and try this: Salted caramel hot chocolate. You will not be disappointed. :)



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