Thursday, July 26, 2012

Once upon a returned wanderer. . .

And here we have probably the quickest post I've EVER written. To say hello--and thank all my beautiful, lovely, sweet, incredibly-life-saving guest posters. Three cheers for Mikailah, Tory, and Bree. You gals are the best! Loved all your insight and tidbits, as I know the rest of blogdom did. 

So much to say, so much to catch up with! Life is one big, whirling mass of things to do. . .blog posts to write (very important, naturally,) facebook to catch up with--have I mentioned that I reactivated my account? Long story there. And you know what, right now its a GOOD thing. People to say hello to--because they think I've neglected them. (have a little mercy! ;) ) Coffee to drain out of my system, (I'm in a seriously typey-mode. Have to do something with all this energy! Drank it {the coffee} from my new Mayberry mug. Sigh and total bliss.) Pictures to edit. . .a massive homeschool event in the planning stages. . .sewing to conquer. . .oh yeah--and you were wondering about my elusive love for a certain Narnian. Which *some* people have already figured out. . .not like there wasn't a huge hint plastered all over the place. Post coming ASAP.

The beach. The mountains. Experienced with the worst head cold of my life--but I survived. Only with God's grace. Really, I just wanted to crawl into bed. Oh yes, and square dancing. Vid's and pictures and more pictures your way soon. ANNNNNNDDD to end all this chatter with something to top all the best vacations and whirlwinds--I saw my dear friends, beloved, amazing, incredibly talented, best-ever High Kings on Sunday. Here's proof: 

{this would be L-R, my dad, sister Anna, King Brian Dunphy, and me--in a candid moment.  Dad's good with it all, Anna's like, "eeeep it's Brian!", Brian's professional and all that good stuff, and I'm like, "this is exciting and all, but let's get it over with so I can catch up with everything at home?!?"}

Whew. I need to sit down. (Oh right, I am sitting. Ttyl, y'all!) 


  1. You're home — yay! I mean . . . *cough* I'm glad you had a good trip. ;) I'm looking forward to the next blog posts, including hearing more about your favorite Narnian. *wink* Following you on Pinterest doesn't count as cheating, right? Good, good, I was worried for a minute. :D

    Love you, girlie!

    Elizabeth Rose

    1. haha. . .noooo. Not quite. I'm so humiliated (on a different topic,) I just came back to check my comments and realized I totally misspelled my title. . .I called it "Once upon a RETURN WANDER" instead of "returnED WanderER." hahaha This is what coffee does to me.

      Anyway--never fear. I shall do a post. And I'll say this much: your right.

  2. Oh,fun. Love that truck.

    You girls are so beautiful. =)

  3. Oh, so I wasn't the only one who cried when Andy Griffith died? Good to know. ;)
    The High Kings are incredible-- I LOVE them! Cute dress in that last picture, by the way. :D

    1. haha. . .I know. Most of my friends thought I was really strange. ;)

      The High Kings are the neatest guys in the world. Period. I'm so blessed to know them personally!

  4. Welcome back!! *serenades*
    Ok, so I reallyreallyreally need to look into the High Kings. Can you believe I still haven't heard a single of their songs? Oh dear...
    Ooh, sorry bout that head cold. Those are seriously the worst. Beside a stomach virus, that is.

    hugs x100,

  5. haha. i looove your face in that last pic!!


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