Thursday, July 19, 2012

How to Make a Ho-Hum Day Brighter- Guest Post by Tory

Hi there ya'll!!! My name is Tory and I blog over at A Splash of Red. I mostly blog about life and how I strive to be that "splash of red" in my sometimes rather ordinary life. :)

I want to give Michaela a huge THANK YOU for asking me to guest post on her blog!!! I feel very honored and special... ;)

So how DO you make a ho-hum day brighter??? I confess, I had a hard time coming up with an answer... Some things that I do may sound boring to others... Like buying school supplies (one of my favorite things to do ;D)... And I am certainly not going to go sit on a horse in 100 degree weather like my sisters love doing...   But I think I finally managed to get three good generalized points... ;)

1. Change Your Appearance

Change your clothes... Change into something that makes you feel comfortable with yourself... This could be a trendy outfirt, a pretty dress complete with heels and lipstick, or yoga pants and a tank top... Whatever fits your present mood. I have a favorite pair of shorts and a favorite t-shirt that I change into pretty much immediately after work... Then I throw my hair into a messy bun and I am perfectly comfortable ;).

2. Change Your Atmosphere

Clean your house... Turn some music on... Light some smelly candles... Do something to change your surroundings. My absolute favorite thing to do to liven up the house is to blast up-beat music from my favorite Pandora station (which right now is the Surf Rock channel ;D)... Dishes and laundry are just so much more fun when you can cha-cha or swing while doing them... ;)

3. Change Your Attitude

Did you know that you can choose to be happy even if it is raining outside??? Egad!!!!!!!!! What a novel thought, right??? When it comes down to it, it is our choice whether to find joy in our day or not. So chin up!!! Thank the Lord for the circumstances you are in RIGHT NOW!!! Choose to be happy in the little moments and you will find that your life is a lot brighter... ;)

Thanks much for reading my little post... Be sure to stop by my blog!!! :)

~About Me~

I am 20 year-old home school graduate. Right now I live at home with my family and work part time at a library as a Page. This fall I am going to start attending the local community college with hopes of one day transferring to a four-year college in the area to get a bachelors in history. I enjoy reading Clive Cussler novels, petting my cat, watching super hero movies, shopping in Old Town Alexandria, and eating chocolate frozen yogurt topped with fruit and nuts. :)

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  1. When I'm having a down day, changing into a favourite outfit always helps! :) Thanks for this encouraging post!


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