Wednesday, May 30, 2012

"Real"ly happy.

It's time for a happy post--I'm going to type as fast as I can and write as much as possible. . .my nanny-kiddos are just about to get up from their nap. o.O Les Miserables--happy? Yeah, that's what you'll be thinking as you continue reading. But to me, Les Miz IS happiness. Even if it translates "the miserables." Whatever. It's epic in every sense of the word. . .and the movie trailer came out today. MUCH PO (aka Personal Opinion.)

Right now I have a million little things in my head--because I talked this entire post to myself as I swept--silently, for a change of course.  But it was pre-planned. I do that sometimes when I write. . .that way everything flows--I don't really have to "work" on what I'm writing. Or even edit it. Such is me. You know, I've been reading several different blogs lately (and please, don't' think this is at all geared toward YOU.) The big topic is "realness" online. What does that mean to you? For me, what you see is what you get--I try to be exactly who I am IRL online. You see phrases such as "I'm so unique", or "I'm just an unusual person." Really? Aren't we ALL a bit unique and unusual and even quirky in our own ways? That's just part of being a "fearfully and wonderfully" made individual. For example, short quirk-wise list. . .

--I'm 21 years old, and I don't care if Mr. Bingley (the single-young-man-two-doors-down,) sees me jumping and screaming out Irish songs on the trampoline.
 --I dislike most Biblical names (dirty, rotten sinner I am! :P )
--terribly-wounded, dastardly-injured, "I'm so awesome I'm dying-in-my-lovers-arms" heroes are Do not call me morbid .
--I go into "acting mode" when singing Broadway tunes--because "theeerrre, out in the darkness. . .a fugitive runnnnning, fallen from God!" isn't right without proper hand gestures and distinguished expressions.
--I can talk about unimportant topics for hours.
--Thunder storms are exciting.
 --Little things stir the deepest passion of my soul--and I've stayed up entire nights lamenting the death of book characters.
--Huh, so some people can cross their eyes? Can't figure it out for the life of me.
--I can trill my whistles.
--When my family hears the piano banging away. . .it usually means I'm upset.
--My day isn't truly started until coffee is involved. But that isn't a quirk--very normal, most important part of the usual life. Right?

For (another) example, Regular, every-day-human-with-faults--wise. . .

--I wear my heart on my sleeve.
--I'm a bit sensitive, compulsive, and WILL give my opinion. Go ahead, blame the Italian. ;)
 --I usually stay away from the mainstream crowd. "Huh, so everyone else loves that movie. . .better write that one off right now." Which explains my vendetta against Mr. Darcy. :P
--I love deeply. Feel deeply. And I'm passionate about cultivating my Spiritual life. I think this is something many Christians lack--sure, we all sin, but what about *trying* to live for Christ?

// This is who I am. // Which brings me to another very-important-point. The brand-new Les Miserables Trailer. Be warned. Be prepared. Put on your armor. . .and watch for the next post.

Your emails and comments have meant so much to me these past several days. I still miss Nick {my puppy} terribly--sometimes I forget he's not there, suddenly remember, then break down. But your support has been such a blessing--you've encouraged me in more ways then I can say! With each day I'm stronger. . .now to conquer this weird TMJ issue. I'm supposed to stop chewing gum. . .and eating bagels. o.O

Looking up--the Lord is ALWAYS good!

Happy things:

--"Kiss the Girl" from The Little Mermaid.
--Mint-green purses.
--Headscarves. Very much wanting to buy one (Target accessories FTW!) Headbands make me look so young. . .maybe headscarves are the answer! They are flowy and ladylike and pretty. Any clues on how to wear one?
--An upcoming trip to VA. Colonial Williamsburg and Busch Gardens, here I come!
--Laughing with my sisters over a "Broadway" version of The Rocky Road to Dublin. Totally amusing.
--Short shopping sprees alone with my parents. . .to choose flowers and herbs for the yard.

Tell me about some of your fun little quirks. What makes you stand out?

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  1. Stay away from mainstream-hah! Yes, I kind of have that attitude too. I do like Jane Austen, but the liking is dampened by the horrid popularity. I always get rather disappointed when too many (or any) people like a particular favorite book/movie/actor/style (i.e. Richard Armitage) that I like. I like "discovering" books after the hype has died down or if no one knows about them. That seems like such a selfish attitude, but oh, well.
    About the uniqueness thing...hmm, yes everybody is different to some extent, but many people are cut in the same common mold and many let themselves be molded to being "normal" (common, average, humdrum). I know this is snobby, but I truly believe it is to a certain extent true.

  2. You are so relate able... for the most part. I can't belt out Irish songs in front of everybody - I'm too self conscious for that. :D And I just went and watched the Les Miserable trailer... oh, I SO want to see that!! The way the song was being sung wanted to make me cry right then and there! :) I guess I shall just have to suffer the wait till it comes out... :)

  3. Lovely post Michaela! I've awarded you!

  4. I LOVED the Les Miz trailer!!!! I was expecting the teaser to have, like, just a couple shots but not really show anything important... Boy. was I surprised when I saw the beautiful stylized trailer with Anne Hathaway singing!!!! I was totally blown away... :D

    Aren't the songs from The Little Mermaid great??? Too bad she is such a brat... I don't like the movie at all... But the songs are great... :)

  5. Quirks? Well, people think it's weird that I DESPISE peanut butter...with a passion. No, I'm not allergic, I just really hate the stuff. I'm sure I have more, but my mind in blank. :-)

  6. Michaela,

    I'm sensitive & compulsive too!
    (But add impulsiveness to an extreme!)
    Your post brought a smile =)

    What makes me stand out? Well, I think it might (lol) be the fact that I can talk quite a bit once I "warm up" to a person & love learning about other people (not sure if I come across overly talkative or nosy.... which are 2 things I do not want to come across as. - As the Bible says, "When words are many, sin is not lacking")

    Sometimes I think I'm a bit too curious about other's at times.
    I tend to think my curiosity will get the better of me one day, so I try and keep it in check.

    Also, I love to act, dance, and sing - so if people see me doing this, you might say, um, that I stand out a bit! (I've sung in bathrooms, danced in aisles, and acted at weird times)

    One last thing, is that in past times I've asked my siblings to call me something other than my name in public for fun! Silly me!

    We are ALL so unique!
    I'm so glad God made us that way!


    p.s. Yesterday evening I read about you dog. I'm very sorry for you. I know that the Lord is & will continue to help you through.

  7. This post made me happy. Especially because I was listening to "Everybody" by Ingrid Michaelson in the background. ;D

    Gosh, if I went through everything relatable in this post, I could write a novel. hah!

    You will never guess what I found at the library the other day (sounds random, I know, but trust me, it relates to this post)...the FULL 1200 PAGE VERSION OF LES MIZ. And now I dive into the abyss of reverie that is Victor Hugo. <3 <3


  8. Oh my goodness!! SISTER! ;) I totally agree...I think --terribly-wounded, dastardly-injured, "I'm so awesome I'm dying-in-my-lovers-arms" heroes are as you put it, and I agree! I loved learning all those strangely awesome things about you. :)

    Simplyy lovely. :)


  9. swwww. i like this post!! :)

  10. Um, Flipsy-poo! Is the reason we get along so well maaayyyyybbbeeeeeee because we have all the same quirks? Just maaayyyyybeee?!

    Although. Don't always bash the mainstream. We would have never found Mighty Mouse. I mean, look at the horrid path you were going down before I Showed You the Light. Teeee-heeee.

    Oh, and FTR. Sierra's Part of Your World - pure amazingness. Just sayin'. That girl has more talent in her pinky-finger than I'll ever have. :-P

    Love you, girl. Been praying for you! We need to talk soon. Much Davy-Mouse gushing. Aheeeeeem. Also muchly looking forward to the Les Miz trailer PO!


  11. I'm the exact same way about saying away from the mainstream. And I think the exact same thing about the movies. :P Your "umping and screaming out Irish songs on the trampoline" makes me thinkg about how my siblings and I were yelling lyrics from a 1960's musical (which sound really strange when out of context) while plaing ladder ball in the backyard.

    Here are some of my quirks:
    -I'm a HUGE Disney fanatic. I love Mickey Mouse, Disneyland, Disney Cruise Line, and Disney World. And I haven't even been to Disney World. Yet. ;)

    -My brain is filled with all sorts of random classic movies and Broadway trivia.

    -I've seen The Cosby Show so many times and quote it at very random times, just because something reminded me of it.

    There are WAY more odd things about me, but I can't seem to think of any right now. :P

  12. So these comments made me VERY happy. I wish I knew how to add a "reply" option/button thingy to my comments--that way I could answer individually. Hmm. But anywho.

    Rachel Oliva--TOTALLY agree--that's me all the way. . .I'd rather "discover" something AFTER the hype is over. Then possibly admit I love it. ;) Stubbornness? *ahem* A friend of mine calls it "contrary." Well, fine then. I'd rather be different. ;)

    I can't say I agree that all people are cut from the same mold though. A lot of folks have things in common, but there is always *something* that makes an individual stand out. Life would be so boring if everyone were the same!

    (Oh yeah, and Richard Armitage forever!)

    Stephanie--You may or may not like my PO on the trailer. . .only time will tell. o.O

    Anne-girl--thank you so much! <3

    Tory--girl, as I said earlier. . .do not judge. :P :P I happen to be very fond of Eric. The story is so-so, but I can't hate it completely. Because Eric is entirely awesome. The end.

    Catherine--WHAT? You don't like peanut butter? Tisk, tisk. That is just wrong. ;)

    Mandie--I don't think being a talker is sinful--unless one is hogging the conversation. But yes, self-control is a wonderful thing. :) I really appreciate your openness and "realness". Keep being who you are!

    Bree--You know your lucky, right? Crazy woman. ;) Lemme know what you think. I haven't read the book yet. Is that blasphemous?

    Mikailah--AHHHHHH!! Sisters indeed!! :high-five: Welcome to the club, you kindred spirit you. Hey, if you drop me an email we can talk more in depth on this oh-so important topic. ^_^


    Floppeth--You are bad. But I don't think you need ME to tell you that. I know, I know...Mighty Mouse is life-transforming. And gotta love Sierra. Too funny, because Anna and I have been talking about her a lot lately. Guess why? ;) Thanks so much for the prayers. . .we need to make a phone-date.

    Sereina--haha, that is too funny! I'm sure your neighbors are probably like, "um yeah. . .those homeschoolers are at it again." ;) And go to Disney World. Or Land. I'm jealous of your cruise, btw. Looks like TOO much fun!

    Wow this is a super long reply. Gotta figure out that button thing. If anyone actually reads all this and has an idea--lemme know.

  13. Michaela: Yup, definitely lucky. And you should read it. I've alread read an abridged version (600 pages, aka a 1-week read) so I know the story, but I must say, there's a *lot* of details in the real version that I didn't know about in the abridged version. :) So yes, I reccommend it.

    Also, if you have the comments embedded below your posts (dashboard>settings>comments>comment form placement>embedded below post), the reply button pops up automatically. :)


    1. Ahah! Your right! Now the "reply-thingy" is all mine! ;) I know I should read it. . .Anna owns a copy of the unabridged version. . .but I'm so dedicated to the play--I dunno. I can't bring myself to do it. Go ahead, call me contrary. lol A few people have told me it's very slow--what do you think?

    2. You should read it. By all means. :) The begginning, I must admit, is a little slow, but if you know where it's going, it's great. You see, the first "book" (There are five parts, in each part there are several books, and in each book there are several chapters. :P) is alll about the bishop. Who, as we both know is an important character, but not a very big one. There is a bit of language, but I hear there is some in the play, so that shouldn't come as a surprise. :) I have really been enjoying it, though. And...I haven't been to the play, so you could call me contrary too. I'm so dedicated to the book. ;)

  14. I quite enjoy staying away from the mainstream too. It gives oneself some sort of satisfaction that you don't have to like everything that everyone else does. Instead, it makes us obsess over the things we do like! (*ahem* Does that count Les Mis?)

    This post was great.. oh, I enjoyed it! And I laughed aloud at the Mr. Bingley reference.... screaming Irish songs on the trampoline. Oh! How I laughed!!


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