Thursday, May 24, 2012

the Awkward and Awesome-ness that is Thursday {#2}

{this is NOT a staged picture. yours truly searching for the much lost, not always much beloved phone. 'tis broken, btw.}


  • seeing Andy Griffith with a baby--blame the spin-off show, Mayberry RFD. {important things in life, obviously.} did you know there *was* a spin-off? The Andy Griffith Show is our families favorite. . but then dad had this grand idea--"try finding "Mayberry RFD" on youtube". different. but i like it. other then the fact that Andy actually married Helen (what was the man thinking?) this just doesn't work. . .i have single-Andy and cute little Opy stuck in my mind forever. 
  • searching for my cell phone. . .under my grandparents couch. because i knew i lost it there {over a month ago. i have this habit. . .leave the camera in TX. . .lose my very own cell IN a couch. "blonde" follows me. :P } it was there, btw, wedged in between the metal part that opens and closes the "lazy-boy" seat. the entire neighborhood knew. "I FOUND IT!!! I FOUND IT!!! I FOUND IT!!!
  • crying hysterically through a radio drama. more on that in a future post.
  • marching around the kitchen, singing at the top of ones lungs--and dad comes downstairs. 


  • family drives in the country. . .singing bluegrass while trying to decide where to vacation. the overall opinion? somewhere down south. i approve. 
  • "Caledonia"--specifically the Celtic Thunder version. . .and yes, i know that as an ardent, fervent, dedicated, utterly-loyal High Kings fan, this is blasphemy. but i don't care. because THK's don't sing Caledonia. . .and i refuse to listen to Celtic Woman for obvious reasons. (that are probably only obvious to me. :P women's voices, to be specific. *ahem* pet-peeve.) love this song, in case you were wondering. "let me tell you that i love you, and i think about you all the time. Caledonia your calling me. . .now I'm goooing home!"
  • encouraging talks--"clicking" when first meeting people. like last Sunday. . .at a church we visited. it's nice to know that there are "real" people out there. . .who know they sin, who have been through trials, and aren't afraid to admit it. it's a beautiful, honest, truly Christian thing. Praise the Lord!
  • product reviews and giveaway proposals. which reminds me--do not forget to enter to win an item from eShakti. o.O
  • Peter Pan. because, "I'm youth, I'm joy. . .I'm a little bird that's broken out of the egg." and looking for fairies with the little ones i nanny. ok, so they *might* only be figurines, but the kids don't know that. ;) 

Your turn!


  1. Ok, so I adore this. :)

    Awkward: Having a Particularly Cute Line (about elephants and socks. You know) run through my head this afternoon and begin giggling profusely...and then Mom comes in and asks what I'm laughing about. Awkward.

    Awesome: Davey Mighty Mouse. 'Nuff said.

    PS. Did I mention you're awesome? Oh, yes. :-P

  2. Nice post. :-) I had an awkward moment today, or awkward conversation that is, all because I was trying to be nice. Didn't work. :-/

    I love Celtic Woman, but we can be friends anyway. ;-)

  3. Just curious...the radio drama you were crying hysterically over...did it happen to be Adventures in Odyssey??? Cause I very nearly cried over the latest episode. =)

  4. Whys thanks you, Flop. Your pretty awesome yourself. {Davy. :P}

    haha, good to know, Catherine. ;) I think I owe you an email, btw.

    Maria--actually no, it was Focus on the Family Radio Theater. But! I am a HUGE Odyssey fan. :high-five: I'll have to see if I can catch that episode. My younger sister (who just so happens to be named Maria, ;) ) listens to several episodes a day. LOVE Odyssey, Lamplighter Theater, AND FotF Radio Theater.

  5. Great post, Micheala! Meeting new people who share the same interest as you do for the first time, is always an awesome feeling. :)

  6. Awkward: singing random Irish tunes while on a walk with my two sisters, then realizing there are people on their porches watching me...(Awesome: getting over five seconds of awkwardness and continuing singing, not caring what they think, cos hey, Irish music is awesome!)

    Awesome: my brother (17) saying I'm a "pretty cool big sister" :)

    Oh my, I can totally relate to the marching around the kitchen singing at the top of ones lungs then having someone come...I do that rather a lot!

    Also, Caledonia is one of my favorites! (Hey, Celtic Thunder doesn't compare to The High Kings, but they do have some songs that I really, really love!)

    Adventures in We quote em almost daily! :D

  7. I have yet to loose my phone at soemone's house, but I have been found searching in various odd places for it. Hah!

    Ahhh, I really want to enter the eShakti giveaway, but I don't have a facebook. *sigh* problems, problems...

    love ya!

  8. Andy Griffith spinoff...hmmm, not sure I would like that, but I think that the series that follows Gomer once he joins the marines might be funny.
    What is it about not liking women singers? I mean I like some, but I usually prefer guys. I actually I frequently prefer the music and not the voices-I mean could you kindly shut up so I can listen to the instruments please?
    Adventures in they can be addicting-my little sisters quote them all the time.


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