Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Old Navy--color trends--80's flashback // lovin' 2012 spring style!

I usually don't follow trends. Accessories are always overdone (in my humble opinion,) and for years nothing but dark, masculine colors were found in stores. Very unappetizing to a girly-girl's taste. It's interesting to see all the Japanese-inspired clothing making it's way to the US--the Lolita--"cupcake" style, which, low and behold, celebrates PINK and all sorts of feminine color. (!!)
Color trends for 2012
Shopping with my mom is a blast. Especially clothes shopping. Love the stares when folks see two women in skirts--I used to take offense, but now I realize it's not WHAT I'm wearing {because :shock: people do wear skirts!} It's that "dressing up" has gone out of style. Wearing ones pj's out has become the accepted standard--no standard. And we all have to deal with it. Hey, I wasn't bred that way. . .it's insulting. Can't afford nice clothes? Funny, I can't either--but even thrift stores offer decent tops, slacks, skirts. . .and as a recent talk-show host wondered, "what happened to pretty?" If it's not rag-bag, women are ultra "stylish"--AKA all skin, little clothing. "Hot" is the new attractive. . .but ever notice the saggy-panted hoodlum standing aside to let the well dressed lady pass? Well dressed meaning "put together"--a nice blouse, even casual wear that is neat and classy. Oh, and feminine colors aren't a bad idea. I'm tired of seeing women in hard, lifeless shades. Give me a flowery, girly-girl top any day. And ask any guy--feminine, modest ladies are most attractive. 
old navy--peach, mustard, and taupe

*end of rant* Even though I don't care for most trends (I like to keep things very simple, something my Italian mother has always stressed,) the clothes/colors this spring are AMAZING. And feminine. Especially--just about everything--at Old Navy. The 80's are back with bright, cheery, florescent pops of turquoise, lilac, mud, misty gray. . .and my favorite combination--cream and/or taupe, mustard, and peach. Mm. {I also love mustard/royal purple.} All 1980's, reminiscent of the Lolita and Mori styles {toned down, of course. We aren't seeing baby-doll dresses or pink wigs. Yet.} I actually bought the stripe-y skirt above, AND the peasant top in both peach and mustard. There are so many pieces that would look fantastic with that skirt. Peasant tops are my new favorite. Trendy, yes, yet timeless enough to give that fun, different, classy feel. 


Old Navy is my best friend right now. I don't necessarily adore every item in the above pics, but! just giving color examples. I don't feel like searching for turquoise right now. . .but could you imagine the possibilities? Which reminds me--adoring the weather right now. Sunny skies. Raspberry-jam-chocolate bars. Walks by the lake. Pooh sticks. Does anyone still play Pooh-sticks? It's one of those cozy sorts of things one never grows too old for. What are you loving right now?--tell me about your warm weather adventures, the colors that make you squeal this spring. Girly things like that. Menfolk beware. ;) Note that this blog is undergoing many changes. . .a new name {again}--new design. And there is much more to tell regarding the SAICFF.  B-)


  1. Me and my youngest brother (he is 7) walk a half a mile down to a bridge and play Pooh sticks for a LONG time. :D

  2. I think the tangerine tango is the only color in this post that I don't count as an absolute, absolute, absolute favorite. I'm so glad that Old Navy is getting stuff like this. I'll be sure to check it out the next time I go shopping. :)

    And oh! Pooh-sticks! You bring back memories... I think I might actually have a set of those somewhere; must go see.

    And a new name? *squeals* I don't see how you find those lovely ideas for blog names, but I love them. Can't wait to see what it'll be like!

  3. Ha! I am headed to the very store tomorrow, my child. Great minds think alike. And I'm loving the colors. Some of the other 80's trends...not so much. But I *may* just be getting SLIGHTLY converted to colored denim. Just slightly. Bright yellow or green or red - no. Coral? Yup, yup.

    Good to see ya again. And you know Jon calls your blog "Michaela's blogs of the many names". Interested in hearing the new one. :-)

  4. I'm loving Old Navy's spring colors. Actually I'm just getting ready to place an order with some very spring-ish colored flip-flops. Doesn't Old Navy have the best flip-flops? Oh, and I love the two skirts in the first montage. Very sweet.

  5. LOVE Old Navy! My sister and I are due for a spring/summer shopping run this week, and that's our first stop :)

    WE PLAY POOH-STICKS!!!!! There's a perfect pooh stick bridge on our neighbor's property and we take the little folks there on good days *all the time*! :)

  6. I am all agreeable about bright colors, especially with Spring budding forth!!

  7. Just saw this post again flipping through your blog and realized that purple/green skirt is the *exact* same one I bought. Small world of clothing??? :D

  8. I'm a more of an earth-tones type of girl. However, every once in a while I'll add a splash of color. Could be a brightly colored top with jeans or brightly colored toe nails. :-) I love spring and my college campus is just beautiful and the air smells sweet from all the blooming flowers and trees. I'm loving these beautiful days and the chance to wear pretty skirts and tops. :-)


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