Tuesday, March 20, 2012

what i'm wearin' // lemonberry


what i'm wearing*~

white t-shirt: K-mart?
mustard peasant top: Old Navy
Route 66 ankle-length jean skirt: made by me
large gold and pink flower hair clip {not shown}: Target
pink stud earrings {not shown}: Icing
tan cowgirl boots: Famous Footwear

an outfit post. i've decided to throw one into the mix now and again. remember the polyvore i made featuring Old Navy style? voila--my mustard  peasant top! the pic is blurry since it was taken on a phone--our camera is still, *ahem* in texas. this is the only one that turned out. . .and you can't see the flowy-ness of the skirt. {break to say--decent jean skirts are the hardest things to find. . .} i LOVE the Route 66 pattern {Marie Madeline Studios.} it is so easy to make, and fits just like my dream skirt--slimming, narrow at the top and A-line through the skirt. can't wait to make more in varying lengths and all sorts of colors/patterns!!

sunday was perfectly lemonberry--a new frozen yogurt shop; mountains and mountains of toppings--cookies, candies, cookie dough, chocolate shavings, peanut-butter sauce, mini CHEESECAKE squares. {died and went to heaven} our victorian square was beautiful as always,  sun-shiney and breezy that afternoon. oh, and i think it's so cute that my dad appreciates pretty things--PINK things. it's even cuter when he searches a tearoom to find the perfect gift for mom. {break to say--i want the red and white polka-dotted teapot i saw. . .} walking nick around the lake, (you've been asking for a picture--there he is!) and Road to Avonlea summed everything together. now i'm dreaming of huge, pistachio-chocolate cups of yogurt.


  1. AHHH! That's the mustard top? LOVE. IDthink our Old Navy had it, because I didn't see it. IDK if they had their spring shipment yet, but there was almost nothing that was online! Sadness. Do you have a Gordman's around? Love them, too.

    Do you have a Cato around? That's where I get all my jean skirts. They're awesome.

    And Nick is the sweeeeeetest thing evah. Much love and hugs sent his way. :-P


  2. Adorable! Love the colors. For some reason I have had this thing for yellow recently...yellow everything. It's just so fun! :)

  3. I completely agree with you on the Route 66 pattern! It is by far my favorite skirt pattern! Your outfit is just adorable! I love yellow.

  4. Absolutely adorable outfit, Michaela — you look darling in yellow. :) I also have the Route 66 skirt pattern; I should make myself one like that this summer (i.e. when I have time). Winter clothes can be stylish, but summer clothes are just fun: fun to pick out, and fun to wear. Not to mention the fact that summer means wearing all the light, lacy skirts that I can't really wear in winter. :D

    Elizabeth Rose

  5. Cute outfit! I always get my clothes (beyond the basics that is)from Catos. I walk in a find about 5 things I want. I'm wearing a knee length jean skirt now that I got from there and it fits perfectly. :-)

  6. Oooh! Nick is so adorable. I love your outfit, especially the denim jean skirt! And Lemonberry sounds like a wonderful, wonderful place.

  7. Thanks so much, ladies! Old Navy has the CUTEST clothes right now, and everything is one sale. o.O

    I don't think I've heard of Gordmans, Flop...I'll have to look it up. Sounds neato. We just found a Cato's around here--will be checking that out soon. Oh, and I newly-love Forever 21!


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