Monday, January 9, 2012

Tim Tebow. 'nuff said.

Caught you're attention with that title, didn't I?  ;)

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I am staunchly anti-football. Really, what's so interesting about a bunch of guys wrestling over a piece of rubber?--after hours and hours of doing the same thing--wrestling over rubber--one of the teams win.  Whatever that means. Nothing--until last night. Because I'll admit, I am rather impressed by a certain homeschool graduate--who just happens to play football. And I went with my dad to my grandparents house (being that they have a TV,) to watch the Steelers/Broncos game, expecting to be so bored I would completely finish Left Behind and start Tribulation Force (which will happen tomorrow.) I was totally, utterly, very wrong. The game was that incredible. Even this anti-football, soccer only, occasional baseball game girl (observer only, ;) ) couldn't stop watching. And, well, I'm not hiding the fact that--

I'm watching Saturday's game. 

Tim Tebow. We've all heard of him. To tell the truth, I wouldn't have cared if he were just another "Christian" athlete. But Tim is so much more then just a so-called "religious" person. He has a testimony. . .a lifestyle that he preaches unashamed to millions. Plus he was homeschooled. . .homeschooled. There is an automatic camaraderie in that simple fact--it doesn't matter how famous or influential the person. {he's also single. :runs:} How could I *not* support giving homeschooling a good name? GO TEBOW!

Powerful story, no?

Yes. . .I'm a bit of a fan. Of football? Not quite, though I'm learning what a "fumble" is, what it means to make a touchdown, boring (or maybe not so,) things like that. It makes all the difference when you're cheering someone on--supporting a cause. . .even if that means watching a bunch of guys wrestle over rubber.

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  1. i'm not a football fan..but when you live a hour from Denver.. everything is Tebow, Broncos, Tebow, Broncos :)
    He does have an amazing story as well!

  2. Oh my goodness!!! He is my #1 fav football player. Has been for years:) ♥'d this post!:)

  3. you make me laugh, Michaela! The only reason I follow football is because my parents' college football team is making a comeback after many, many terrible season. But we really don't ever follow the NFL.


    We were all very excited and thrilled and impressed with Tim Tebow (who we actually do follow a little bit :D) and his testimony and his amazing game this weekend. Especially the 316 passing yards averaging 31.6 yds per pass :)

    But that doesn't make fighting over a piece of rubber any more....profound :D

  4. Yes, you caught my attention...I just love Tim!<3 Such a wonderful story.

  5. Go Tebow!!! Be the witness this world needs to hear,so badly.

  6. i can't stand football.... but i love tebow. so, maybe i'll give saturday's game a chance?
    in other news, i've been tebowing so much lately. and it's so much fun. :))
    -jocee <3

  7. Um, my child. We will have to fight this out when you come...because *I'm* marrying him, darling. Sorry. :-P

    Seriously...I am such a huge fan! In aallllll seriousness, it's so awesome to see his testimony and HOMESCHOOLED?! You know? That if nothing else...we homeschoolers have to stick together.

    So yup. Total Tebow fan. I even cheered when he beat our team. That says a lot, believe me.

    And getting a knowledge of football is a good thing. I'm not a huge fan, but when you have absolute FANATICS (you dont know the term until you know my brothers) for a dad and bros, it rubs off. :-)

  8. Oh my. :) I am a huge basketball fan, but football was never my thing. It never made much sense, and I never had a favorite team, and like you, all has changed since yesterday.

    I have liked Tim Tebow for his stand for Christ, and through him found out I actually like football. I'm a Broncos fan now!

    I seriously love him!

  9. I love Tim Tebow! :) I like football anyway, but I love Tim Tebow! :) He is such an amazing guy.

    This is my first time here at your blog, and I love it We have the same name - even spelled the same way! Would you mind giving my blog a look-see? ♥


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