Thursday, November 10, 2011

When dreams come true {mid a few lessons learnt}

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These past two months have been full of twisting, turning roads; some leading through darkness, others marching onward toward contented peace. It has been a beautiful autumn of cold-nipped cheeks, photo shoots with friends, long frilly costumes, hours spent sipping mocha's, the cozy hub of a favorite coffee shop, two adorable twins to nanny, Little House on the Prairie, and Spiritual growth. Maybe now you'll understand why I haven't blogged; which reminds me. I had no idea 'Like Pearls Slipping off a String' was nominated for the home school blog awards! o.O Thank you to all who've voted and are now following.

Very exciting .  . .and we're pushing closer to the 200 mark. Did someone say giveaway?

sneak peak of the my gorgeous sisters senior photo shoot, taken by moi. isn't she stunning? 
I am at a point in life when Jesus feels especially close; I'm embarking on my 21st year, and there is a new confidence in the way I see the world that is truly thrilling. My head is held a little higher, and recent trials have only strengthened my Walk. It's been a roller-coaster of lessons that compared to the past were easier to handle; I will never back down. People may mock, they may criticize and misunderstand  - but I am who I am in Christ. My way isn't the only way - it probably isn't even the right way, but it's the way in which HE is guiding me. The turmoil of my soul is cleansed, for He is my Victory, my Life, my Joy, my All. I will not fear what man will do unto me!! It's all very inspiring. . . good things are coming. *Amazing* things are here. 

‎"Ill take character over reputation. Your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are."

On to more lighthearted things. My mind is swarming with all the business, all the simple beauty of LIFE. And I've officially decided that fall is my favorite season. I mean, when else can I wear my favorite poncho? Sitting with Anna in Coolbeans is rejuvenating - ( the most heart-stopping little coffee shop on the planet. It's so whimsical and perfect. . .a girls haunt that is haunted by two certain sisters at least once a week or more.) I don't know if I've mentioned lately, but! we were hired as part-time nannies again. It seriously is a dream-job. . .who could resist two scrumptious little 15 month olds, boy and girl, with names like Aaron and Kendall? I mean, seriously love the name Kendall. It's so Celtic and bookish. Plus she is adorable, chubby, and FUN. Aaron is a little snuggle bug. . .I think I need to bring a camera next work day.

speaking of happiness. . .i found this incredible little cap at a consignment shop. ok, so i love caps--hats of all kinds. . .bu t this one is from SCOTLAND. Its actually *British* really and truly. how could i pass it up?
I'm sitting here trying to place the fullness of my heart. It is bounded in every direction - singing, crying, dancing, planning, scheming, DREAMING. Because Neverland is real. Bcause like my sister wrote today on facebook: "but we go to to Neverland all the time--anywhere we travel in dreams and imaginations IS Neverland. That's the awesome part. Neverland IS every kid's (or in our case, grown up kid's ;) ) imagination. And basically, people who don't believe in it are simply not kindred spirits. . ."
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Think happy thoughts. 


  1. Like your cap! I'm right with you, Neverland is real, and such an important part of life. I hope to never lose touch with it.

  2. Loverly post, Michaela. So good to visit here... its been a while! :(

    And yes, Neverland is real. I'm with you 100%.

    Love in Christ,

  3. I love people who KNOW (not think) that Neverland is real. My sister and I basically grew up in Neverland and she used to make me jealous with stories of how Peter Pan would take her there every night after everybody else was asleep. :) Good memories...

  4. I just can't say enough how much I love your hat... I have hat envy... :P

  5. your sister is gorgeous. and I adore your hat!!!

  6. Awesome post!
    I love fall and Neverland:)

  7. Beautiful hat.

    May I offer a humble suggestion?

  8. I just thought, that instead of saying, ‘My way isn't the only way - it probably isn't even the right way, but it's the way in which HE is guiding me.’ You should say rather ‘Jesus is my Way.’ For He said “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.”Just something I noticed. :)
    Thank you so much for being so inspiring and encouraging girls to continue on the narrow path, even in the face of difficulty.

  9. And thank YOU for being an encouragement to me, Caroline! :) These sorts of comments are such a blessing. ::hugs::

  10. Gorgeous sis. Adorable hat.

    And my happy thought? That MAYBE SOMEDAY SOON we'll meet in person. And have majorly fun larks. That's my happy thought. :-)

    Love you!!!

  11. Woman! You were so right...I checked my spam folder...and there you were. Sheesh. Oh, and I'm still thinking Jan. B-)

  12. Ooh! I love your blog. I've been stalking (yes, I know creepy) it for some months now and love every post. it's fine. you can stalk me too.
    xoxo Kathryn from


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