Thursday, September 29, 2011

bring me java, bring me joy

Pinned Image"Michaela, you HAVE to stop drinking coffee!" - yeah, I'm on my second cup, and well, I'm zinging - and singing, about the house. As and Irish lass might say, "!" [they have this cute way of adding .com, .org, Avenue, etc to expressions. "Coffee AVENUE!" ] The other day I walked into a coffee shop with my sister and dad, Java Joe's; cute, boutique-ish, homey little place. . .modern coffee shop to the max. Walked up to the counter to order - now mind you, I come from an ESPRESSO (with and "S", not an "x",) drinking family. We're Italian. . .real Italian, not the American-no-clue-about-anything-European type. My mom was born there; my uncle owns a coffee business. It's literally my blood type, though my mom attributes my nuttiness to all the chocolate she ate while pregnant. Whatever. It's all caffeine. So anyway. . .I ordered what is considered a "strong" American coffee. . .a little espresso and all hot water: "Now, you know this is STRONG coffee" [yes, Anna and I look 12]  "not the kind you'd get at McDonalds or a gas station." 

Actually I don't prefer drinking coffee-flavored hot water, thank you. The stronger the better. Oh, and I can't help that I happen to be wearing a child's size 16 sweat jacket. . .

Happy National Coffee Day

It proclaims all things hyper, delicious, the-jittery-feeling I'm starting to have from TOO much of the creamy, aromatic, beautiful stuff. For some reason Irish folk songs - the super-corny, lovable ones, are stuck in my head. What a better combo for a perfect type of day? It feels like fall, I'm happy, (praise the Lord, after a bad week!) relishing my perfectly brewed coffee and singing Taylor the Latte Boy [thanks to my friend Kate. Gotta love Broadway-style songs!] and The Lord of the Dance. . .and The Irish Rover. Random "chats" of over 300 comments under a facebook status [my mom and I are quite the pair] complete the morning. There is cleaning to be done, emails to write. . .a puppy to be cared for. I've gotten requests for more Nick posts - does anyone agree? He's getting so big and bushy - I think it's about time for his first "puppy trim."

Taylor, the latte boy
Bring me java, bring me joy
Oh Taylor the latte boy
I love him, I love him, I love him.


  1. truly, i adore coffee. my addiction to this blessed beverage is truly a gift from Heaven.

    so glad you've joined the java bandwagon. also, that song = one of my favourites.

  2. in my house a few days ago we had a long discussion on how much coffee we drink, too funny apparently we aren't the only ones :)) oh and we blame it on our being Italian all the time .
    Rachel Hope

  3. I love coffee too... *sigh* Coffeeeeeee! :P

  4. I never even knew there was a Nation Coffee Day. Happy National Coffee Day, then, to all the coffee lovers and coffee addicts out there (I'm one of them, by the way)!

  5. Oooh, coffee.

    Just thought I'd tell you that I voted for your blog in the 'Best Blog Design' category at


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