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ramblings of pianists and heroes. . .somehow they just go together.

I must say - your comments on moi favorite {mostly literary} "heroes"  post (<-- click or look below,) have been tooo much fun! To all of those who agree with me: your taste is impeccable. Bravo. As for the others, I have a few tomatoes of my own to throw. ;) I'm thinking of writing a follow-up post, talking about a few more of moi favorite literary guys. But I don't want to BORE anyone either. . .riiiight.

Quickly, in answer to your comments (keep 'em coming!) Laurie IS epic, and *should* have died. Period. I don't see how Gilbert Blythe is a hero, just sayin'. ;) The Scarlet Pimpernel is one of the most incredible books I've ever read - and YES, I'm throughly convinced after finishing the novel that Percy is a majorly fantastical hero - one of the best, in fact. Though no one with ever top Renè. :sigh: I'm thinking up a way for all of you to "meet" him. Perhaps an excerpt from the revised draft? 
- also, keep watching for my HUGE Les Miz post.

While your all waiting (and continuing your amusing - I mean enjoyable commenting,) check out this video :

Whoa. Speaking of heroes - I think I've just found my piano-hero. Being a fanatical piano enthusiast (my piano is my dearest treasure. . .) this pianist is SO inspiring to me. Not that I can or ever will play even remotely as well. My, what talent - his performance literally takes my breath away. And to think the vid is nothing but a Yamaha commercial! o.O I  found out that he is a rather famous composer for Disney (which I do not endorse, but anyway,) etc. . . Pretty impressive. 

And to wrap up this post - lets just say that I am unbending in my dislike for Mr. Darcy. Ok, so the second time I watched Pride and Prejudice I became slightly, shall we say "fonder" of him? Yet its too difficult for me to really appreciate the stuffy, dull, uninteresting ways of *most* Regency "heroes" - Mr. Darcy in particular. 

Uh oh. I see another onslaught of tomatoes in the near distance. . . 


  1. hehe(: I guess this means my taste is far from impeccable.... and you are avoiding Mr. Thornton! Have you watched North&South? I think you would love it if you did :)

  2. Alright... if ONLY my hands could move that fast on the piano!!! I suppose I'll have to trust God with the gifts He's given me and just enjoy listening to the talents He's given others! WOW! Amazing!

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Oy, I never know if I should reply UNDER my own post, in a NEW post, or simply on the commenters (or tormentors :P ) blog. ;) hehe

    Anyway - Rachel, I so agree! This fellow reminds me of the composers of old, so serious, so incredibly talented. I also love that the emotion he conveys comes through his fingers, NOT theatrics (some pianists are so overly dramatic, heads swinging and all. ;) )

    Southern Belle. I truly don't know much about Mr. Thornton, though from what I do know he appears to be a great guy. A bit on the :cough:stuffy:cough: less then daring side, but anyway. I like passion girl, passion! Lots of spine chilling emotion. *ahem*

  4. (happy, happy, happy dance. Try to imagine me doing a crazy hopping-all-over-the-place happy dance. Yuppers. :-D)

    I KNEEEEEEW you'd love Sir Percy and TSP. Didn't I tell you? Huh? Huh? Haha! I hath triumphed! Now you MUST read the sequels. I mean, how awesome does it get? With most heroes you get one book and that's it. TSP has a WHOLE SERIES. I finks it's awesome meself.

    Anyhooo. SOOOOOO glad you liked it!!!!!!! WAAIIITTT till you see the movie. I promise...you will be even more in love, if that's possible. I promise.

    Which just means that fall needs to come SUPER quick. :-D

    Now, I do take offence at the Gilbert comment. Oy, girl. Ok, so he's not *heroic*, buuuuut I've always had a soft spot for him. :-)

    And ok, I thought you had seen N&S. I wuvs Mr. T myself...not the same way as TSP, of course, but he's a pretty great hero. I mean, the boys think he's a pretty cool hero, K? :-D Not an adventurous hero, but a great guy. I recommend. :-D

    And the vid...I have to steal my mom's laptop, but I'm sure it's amazing. Expect another comment as soon as I do. :-D

  5. That was a phenomenal performance. WOW. I've been playing for about 9 years and that was incredible. WOW!!!!!!!! lol

    Thanks for sharing,

  6. Ok, stole my mom's laptop.

    OMSOMSOMS!!!! That guy is INCREDIBLE!!! Woweeee! Have you heard the song like, played by a full orchestra? It's pretty amazing. Anyhoo. Woweeeeeee. Amaaaazzing. We had a guy at our church in NC that literally played THAT GOOD like that. It was INCREDIBLE...such a treat every time he played a special!!! Anyway.

    And yes, girl, I wish you WOULD comment under your post! It's quite common and OK to do, OK????? :-D

  7. *Sigh*
    Sir Percy Blakeney!
    No hero can even compare!
    End of story. :)
    I agree with Alexandra- read the rest of the sequels. Watch the movies (both the '82 and the A&E). Enjoy TSP!

    PS. That video is AMAZING!

  8. hehe,yes I'm the one who brought up Gilbert! ...should I duck from flying tomatoes.....

    Okay,I agree that he isn't heroic,I actually wasn't thinking heroic when I was posting my comment,I was just sayin' that I loved his character!!

    I think its the fact that his last name is"Blythe" that made me like him..that and the way he says 'sorry'. ;) (I'm going to have to look back at that pot I think I missed the main idea that it was a heroes only type of post..I can be really blonde sometimes,so if you see a comment that doesn't exactly go with the post,you'll know its me.) :)

    I totally agree if Laurie died tragically with his vow to Jo kept,it would have been totally "EPIC"!!!!!

    Music video: How many ways are there to say"Wow" and "Talented"???

  9. Yes,I missed the title of your last pos that had the word "Heroes" in """...

    *thuds head* blonde,blonde,blonde.............But wait Laurie wasn't really a hero either (ducks in case of flying objects or food thrown by an offend human being) just kind of stupid for thinking he had to marry a March girl even though the only girl he said he'ld ever love turned him down!

  10. That video is amazing! His fingers are moving so fast!

    I do find some Austin hero's suffer from stuffiness and a rather disappointing lack of dash.....buuuut, as tempting as a dark hearted hero sounds, there is something about a level head, a charming lopsided grin and boyish charm that makes my heart sigh!

    Maybe we shouldn't classify the stuffier guys as heroes, because they don’t really fit the description and so will leave us feeling devoid of their heroic achievements. Not that I have any idea what to call this class of less then dashing heroes…..

    I think I've thought waaay to hard about this! ;-)

  11. Hmmm... if 25 comments on your previous post and some rousing discussion on literary heros constitutes boring your readers.... I'd say GO AHEAD and bore your readers with a follow up post. :) I'm up for it!

    I'll agree with you some more and say you are completely justified in not going head over heels for Mr. Darcy... he's okay, but not spectacular (and I like P&P, so there... yes, I see those tomatos :) As for Laurie... hmmm... I'm afraid he's *not* epic.... in fact, he doesn't seem much different from Gilbert, imho. *tomato shield up*

    Oooh, and do post an exerpt from your novel! Aaaand... replying in the comment section is GREAT.... it makes everything seem more conversational! :)

    Wow - that is some impressive finger-work on that piano piece! (Plus, it's just a great song!) It always amazes me how much sound can come out of a piano. No matter *how* hard I try, my fiddle just can't make that magnitude of sound. :) But I love listening to it, and have been blessed with cousins who are incredible pianists... and play this kind of stuff. :) Its so fun to listen to... thanks for posting the video! Music is incredible.

    Looking forward to your upcoming posts!

  12. Argh. I just wrote out a long reply and deleted it. Who's "blonde" Blythe? ;) ME.

    Ok. Lets try this again. First off, thanks for the "encouragement," Hadley. ;) Not only am I never sure WHERE to comment back, but Alexandra can vouch for the fact that I am a massive procrastinator. :P :P

    Fine, fine - Laurie *isn't* a hero. At all. But he's such a neat guy - he has to fit in "somewhere." I mean, he isn't stuffy or elegant, so he isn't in the Austin-ish "group". Hm. As far as Glibert...I've just never like him. Very dry personality. Again, for me a character (I'm willing to take off "hero" as far as Laurie goes,) has to have DRAMA. Emotion. Gilbert does not. ;)

    It'll be very interesting, er, fun when a truly die-hard Austin fan comments. hahaha

    KatySue, you spoke the deepest feelings of my heart. Austin "heroes" lack dash! o.O I'm going to use that phrase now alll the time.

    Yeah Ally, go ahead and feel proud of yourself. Sir Percy is EPIC. One of the most heroic of them all. There. I admitted it. Happy now? :P

    ANYWAY. Glad your all enjoying the video so far! I've watched it (rewind, my entire family has,) over, and over, and over. I just can't get over the speed, the grace - the perfect posture.
    ...the whole performance just gives me goosebumps. And I'm a stickler for proper hand posture, so yeah. Perfection at its most perfect. Plus like Hadley said, the amount of sound that comes out of a "good" piano is impressive! Here the arrangement makes up for all the missing instruments in the soundtrack piece. :sighs dreamily then watches again:

  13. Your right Gilbert doesn't have very much emotion. He does have more in Anne of green gables the sequel and about the same for Anne the continuing story!

    But you know what I thought Gilbert stood fast to his love to Anne and finally won her heart at the end of the sequel one. He tried o love another and told Anne it wouldn't work because he could only love her.....Unlike Laurie who just goes off and marries someone opposite,but Laurie did have more of a zest for life so to speak and less manners,I think maybe Gilbert had less emotion cause it was mainly about Anne! But thats just another opinion of a blonde brained girl! :)

    Let's all say that Sir Percy is the ultimate hero of your last post! :)

    I think nobody argued about him,cause he's a hero hands down.

  14. Definitely read TSP's sequels! Sir Percy is cool in the first one, but gets so much better! Some of the best ones are: I Will Repay, The Triumph of the SP, Eldorado, Lord Tony's Wife, and The Elusive Pimpernel. His character is developed more in the sequels, as well as Marguerite's...and everyone else's...:)

    I'm glad someone else doesn't find Mr. Darcy to be perfectly perfect!:)

  15. I'm actually at the library right now - and JUST ordered The Elusive Pimpernel and Eldorado. Really excited! I think I've become a Scarlet Pimpernel fan. Ohhhh yes. ;)

    And yay for people who don't find Mr. Dary to be perfectly perfect!!

  16. Haha... looks like I'm matching you on the procrastinating! :) I've been meaning to reply for... um... a while....

    Okey dokey, I'll definitely give you that Laurie is a great guy and a fun character. Its hard not to like those kinds of characters, and they do need to fit in somewhere... So we're good all around. ;)

    Hmmm..... after reading all these comments, I'm thinking I need to read some of the Scarlet Pimpernel sequel... Yep. I do. *goes off to order books from the library*


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