Wednesday, April 13, 2011

my first Vlog. . .in which i talk about one of my favorite subjects...

Well. I accidentally deleted my original post. . .try never to do that. :-/ No fun struggling to remember what you wrote. Argh. But even so - I'll do my best to be delightful and start from scratch again. See me smile? 

Anyway - I've never made a Vlog before. Been wanting to try it out for awhile now, and recently I found the perfect opportunity. . . (I've mentioned it so many times in my last several posts, your bound to know what I'm about to say.) This past Sunday I saw (ready?? Say it with me, 1,2,3. . .) LES MISERABLES *live*! o.O 


 Sooo I made two videos. There was a third (after I realized I'd forgotten to take a vid of the theater lobby,) but somehow the camera was zoomed in really close to my face - all you saw was my mouth and nose. ;) 

*note* that the above video is frightening. It is almost impossible to take a video (or picture for that matter,) of oneself without looking like a monster. :P Also, I have no idea why I keep reiterating the fact that my parents are so nice - almost as if they aren't usually. hehe Its just that my mom doesn't like cameras, (I forced her to say hello. . . ;) )  and my dad very sweetly drove his car-that-needs-much-work alll the way to the theater to prevent our very-professional-knack of getting lost wherever we go. ;) Love you, mom and dad! 

Ohhh. . . just seeing that sign I feel all gasping and fluttery again. When the first scene of the play opened I was literally sitting at the edge of my seat, heart pounding and breathless. Btw, this was NOT my first time at the Palace Theater. . . I should have seriously been born with a different hair color.

What do you think?? Dying now to know more about that heavenly afternoon? ;) It is worth boring my non-fanatical Les Miz readers with a long review?? Hm? I promise it would be my last Les Miz-related post. . . at least for a little while. 


  1. Sounds like you had a blast that day!! And no, you look absolutely gorgeous in the video above! Your blue eyes + dark hair =beautiful-ness!!:) :) Blessings<3

  2. You HAVE to do a long review! If any of your readers AREN'T fanatics yet, they certainly ought to be, and maybe your post will make them feel pressured to see it. :)

    Anyways. I'm counting on that crazily long post.

  3. Oh Michaela- seriously, you look beautiful. And YES we want to hear all about it! :D

  4. I'm dying to know all about your Les Mis experience! Do tell! In a crazily long post, please. :) I'm seeing the very same show in two weeks, and I'm fit to burst!


  5. These are so much fun! "And if you are a stalker my daddy has a gun..." I love it! ;-) And I would love to read what you thought of Les Miz.... though I'm not a huge fan myself, I do really enjoy the story and a few of the songs I've heard!


  6. Great videos, Michaela! I'll vouch for the rest of your blog readers who are not Les Miz fans yet.... The answer is yes! They want to know every little detail about the rest of the day. --oh wait, maybe that is just me.
    (btw, nice uh... ringtone!)

  7. Yes, yes, yes!!!! I am trying to learn more about Les Miserables, but am clueless where to start. Your post would be a perfect introduction. :)
    By the way, I awarded you the most stylish blogger award! Here is the link to it:
    Thanks =)

  8. Yaaay! It's finally up! I have this love/hate relationship with your Google Reader will say it's posted, then I get on here and it's not on. Anyhoo. :-D I looove your vlog and you MUST MUST MUST post a loooong post, you know! And don't forget Enjo in the favorite part of your whole experience. :-D


  9. I loved your first video! "I'm not afraid of stalkers, and if you are a stalker my daddy has a gun" was awesome. :) And really, frightening? Monster? You looked beautiful! I would love to hear more about your Les Miserables experience. :) You love it like I love Tangled. :D


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