Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Regency Christmas Ball...including ECD videos and pics of the finished gowns!

elegant ladies. dapper gentlemen. swirling gowns. tapping feetenglish country dancing.  it was like stepping back in time, or into a period movie set.  truly the whole evening i felt in a dream, wearing the regency gown i thought would never be complete, and watching anna float about in hers. (it went through a last-minute, and might i add very emotional creation...)
- and the mansion! i am a huge history enthusiast, so having the run of a victorian home-turned-museum almost meant heaven for me. all the intricate woodwork, restored furnishings and details. but the most exciting part was just being there in costume, without a tour guide, walking throughout all the broadway-themed rooms. :faint:
{you can see our gowns fairly well in the above picture. i am on the R, anna the L.}
{an easy, whimsical, and fun scottish country dance, or scd, called by a friend, gabe.}

{ball attendees and their incredible costumes}

{i had the privilege of calling a couple of the ecd's. such fun, as always. this dance is "spanish waltz," one i've featured on my blog before, and a personal favorite of mine.} 
{my lovely sister anna. did i mention i had the worst of time  finishing her gown? lol } 

{many of you might recognize this dance from the 1995 movie version of 'pride and prejudice'. my friend debbie called this elegant english country dance.}
{the wonderment of a child*~}
{you can see some of the gorgeous stenciling on the ceiling in this pic. yum.} 
{ok. so everyone who follows my blog knows i'm not a "phan" of  'the phantom of the opera'. but i'll admit, the "phantoms ballroom" and themed tree were breathtaking.}
{yours truly. most likely going through another infamous ditsy spell. ;) hehe}

{a very small snippet of me calling 'childgrove.'}

{last but most certainly NOT least, my dear, sweet friend hannah and i saying goodbye.}

~ and there's just a sneak peek! sorry for the poor quality of the videos.
special thanks to brandon pieplow and hannah michelle l. for the amazing photos! awesome job, you two! :)


  1. Beautiful post, Michaela and again, you flatter me by using so many of pictures - thank you so much. (Helps them get more exposure.)

  2. Thanks so much for posting these lovely photos and videos! How I envy you all the delightful time you must have had! Your gowns are so beautiful!
    I really enjoyed watching the ECD, a few I knew but I'd never seen Spanish Waltz dances before - that was my favorite and so well done! I enjoyed Mr. Beveridge's Maggot too, that's such an elegant dance which I had fun teaching myself (from the P&P film) and dancing with my sister. Do you have a list of all the dances you danced? What preparation did you all do before the ball? dance lessons? What fun! :)

  3. Oh how wonderful!! I was truly lovely to watch the videos. I really loved it!!
    Now, I am going to sit down and watch them over and over so we can dance em sometime!!
    Do you know where I could get the music?? Just curious...

    Thanks again! Oh, your gowns were stunning. Your hard work definitely paid off!

    In Christ's Service,

  4. @ Brandon - but of course I had to use them! They are all so lovely, and capture the ball perfectly. :)

    @ Miss Laurie - very neato that you ECD as well. :) How did you learn? I have been to at least 9 official dances/and/or/balls over the last couple of years, not including many smaller dances in between. So no, no dance classes. :) Its all been by watching and learning over time. Now my sister and I are hoping to start an ECD group here in our town. Very exciting!

    Our dance list the night of the Christmas Ball was a bit short, as there were several beginner dancers, and it took some time to teach each dance. However if you want any specific dance instructions I can get them for you. ;)

    Anyway...as far as dance prep, I focused on finishing both Regency gowns within a week! I'm so blessed by my mom's help in finishing them. :)

    @ Sarah - Oh, I am so glad you enjoyed the videos! I'm sorry the quality of them didn't turn out very good. :-/ Our camera acts funny in strange lighting. ;) But anyway - I'm in the process of getting my ECD youtube channel together, and will have that up soon. :)

    Oooh...I just love dance music! ^_^ hehe give me a little time, and I'll get you a list of where you can purchase some. There are some fantastic resources out there!

  5. Thanks Michaela! I only wondered if ya'll might have done some practice or dance lessons with the other dancers before the night of the ball.
    I'd love to have the instructions for the Spanish Waltz, that quite took my fancy!
    As far as ECD I taught myself after seeing the dances in the Jane Austen films. I imitated the steps they dance in the films and also did some research and found music online. So I've never done any official ECD just stepping about with my sister (and my brother sometimes). I actually haven't done much dancing over the last few years but look forward to trying some of these dances! :)

  6. This is just like a dream! How lovely!

  7. Oh, that looks like so much fun, Michaela! Everyones outfits look lovely. I simply adore your's and Anna's dress. You did such a lovely job!

    I've never done ECD before, but I've done some contra dancing and some similar stuff before. Definitely lots of fun!

    Much love,

  8. Very pretty photos!

    Merry Christmas!

  9. Oh so lovely! It must have been a perfect dream, I am sure! I wish I could attend a ball like that... but... *sigh* there aren't any around here :(
    Perhaps me and my friends shall make one!


    PS. The gowns are gorgeous!

  10. I totally want to learn that scd!! thats totally my dance!


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