Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Ohio Summer Rendezvous 2010 "trailer." (Yes - it's THAT good.)

30 home school graduates.  
God's obvious presence. 
Blessing in abundance.
Old friendships strengthened
New friendships made. 

A weekend of *~

...adventure...laughter...singing...music...good food...games..."Do You Love Your Neighbor?"... edifying conversation...hiking...talent show...English Country Dancing...costumes...cowboy hats...bonfires...autograph albums...

...priceless memories.

Ohio Summer Rendezvous 2010. 

This was the second home school grad gathering my family hosted in 2010, affectionately known as "The Rendezvous". Both events have left me stunned by God's faithfulness - He so good to me!  HE planned every detail perfectly in HIS perfect timing.  I ran about trying to bring everything together at my own pace,  yet He was *always* there, as He *always* is, patiently waiting for me to turn to Him. Even in my stubbornness He remained at my side, showing me trust, taking charge.  I give Him all the glory!!

Also, thanks to EVERYONE who helped make the Rendezvous the successful event that it was! I couldn't have done it without each of you. :) Go Rendezvous Team!

Last but *certainly* not least, a huge thank you to my friend Christopher L. for putting together this video. I'm STILL trying to catch my breath - it is just amazing! 

I, my sisters, and mom are all in this video. (For some reason my dad didn't make it in, ah well.) But anyway - three of the younger ladies you'll see in the vid are Julia, Maria, and Lidia. Anna is in the beginning (one of the adorable laughing gals at the picnic table,) and also several times throughout the vid. 

...yours truly pops in every once in awhile. ;)
Hmm...lets see...I'm a little hard to spot in the "Do You Love Your Neighbor?" game (that wild running  about  in a circle, knocking people over while trying to find a chair? Um yeah. If you saw the vid you know what I mean, hehe ;) ) but I'm in there...then once on the sidelines during the talent show, and a few times in the dance clips (wearing the jean dress and boots.) :D


  1. Looks like SO MUCH FUN!!!! I wish we did something like this here in IL. =)
    Is this kind of like the homeschool alumni gatherings?

  2. It WAS so much fun Samantha! :)The Lord truly blessed our time. And yes, very similar to an HSA gathering, only organized on facebook. ;) Are you on HSA by any chance??


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