Thursday, September 23, 2010

Autumn splendor*~ never was my favorite season, shocking isn't it? Normally I mourn summers end, but this year is different. For some reason I have a new appreciation for early fall. Why? 

...golden rods, royal friendly and sunny in their yellow glory...brisk walks under a pale, sunlit sky that dances with puffy clouds...the Master painting the world in His pallet of darker, warmer colors...a breeze nipping refreshingly at my cheeks..."rustic" clothing; cozy jean jacketswhimsical sweaters, pretty yet practical scarfs...steamy bowls of soup with homemade French bread for dinner...biting into a just-picked-tart-sweet apple...Outings with the  family, Fall fest anyone? Think bluegrass music, tasty treats, wagon rides...

Mmm...soon our special fireside times will begin. Snuggling indoors next to the roaring orange flames, eating chocolate chip cookies while listening to mom read from Reminisce magazine...


Simple pleasures make the most treasured memories! 


  1. Oh, how I long for fall weather to get here and the summer heat to be gone!
    Through Christ,

  2. I like all the seasons! I love how god made us 4 different seasons!

  3. Great post, Michaela! All of those are very lovely thoughts about Autumn.

  4. I am haveing a giveaway at my blog,Michaela if you want to enter!!

  5. I feel the same way. ^.^ Lovely post, lovely photo. Autumn is here!


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